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Labels of Love: My Style Evolution

When I was little, I wore some questionable outfits. My aunt says that I wore things with stains and colors that completely clashed. My dad says that I had favorite pieces of clothing and would want to wear them often. Even if they didn’t fit me, I wanted to wear those pieces. A lot of people have favorite shirts or lucky jeans, but I normally remember where I got a piece of clothing and where I’ve worn it.


ribbons on ribbons ribbons

I didn’t really get into fashion until early high school. I was a tomboy growing up and that required jeans and t-shirt mostly. Some french exchange students visited our school and I was in love with the French and their style. I started wearing tailored, neutral colored (and a lot of black) clothing. I had an obsession with scarves. Literally – I’d wear them all year round. When I got my first trenchcoat, I wore it so much that people would be able to find me in a crowd if they saw a brunette with a trenchcoat.


aforementioned scarf and trenchcoat

Later in high school, I discovered the fashion blogging world and started wearing very trendy pieces regardless if they flattered me… (I’m looking at you baby doll dresses and banded bottom shirts). Then, I realized that I was buying pieces because they were trendy instead of because I really liked the pieces.


clogs and velvet dresses

When I got to college, my style was a mix of trendy pieces and classic French-inspired pieces. As the semesters flew by and my classes became more one-sided and math and science-y, I needed an outlet for some right-brain thinking. Fashion was this outlet. I started to love taking pieces and trying to find ways to wear it in unexpected pairings or in unexpected ways. This was incredibly fun and relaxing and my fashion got a little more eclectic.

plaid and moccasins

plaid and moccasins

I started playing around more with fashion and started reading more fashion blogs. I enjoy doing fashion challenges with myself; one week, I wore a monochrome outfit with a different color each day. As I got more into thrifting, I got more interested in refashioning pieces and was more likely to buy more trendy items as they were not as expensive as the pieces in stores. Now, I’m really interested in Asian fashion and have been loving the cartoon prints all over tops and pants in Tokyo.

and sometimes, i sacrifice function over fashion #nobackpackforfirstdayofschool

and sometimes, i sacrifice function over fashion #nobackpackforfirstdayofschool

So, if someone asks me what my style is, I guess I’d say it’s eclectic trendy with french influences with girly details. Does anyone have a word for that? 🙂

How would you describe your style? 



Style Rules for Guys

1. If you don’t care about fashion, but want to look good all the time I have two words for you. Desert. Shoes. These are literally the “sisterhood of the traveling pants” of shoes. They look good on men young and old, tall and short. They fit with a ton of different styles.


2. Please don’t show me your white tube socks.

3. Wearing suit vests without the suit add an instant polished look to your outfit without adding bulk. Wearing them with denim achieves a classic, but modern look.


4. Don’t be afraid to wear pink! Pink is a calming color, so wearing it makes you feel more relaxed. I think lighter pink is easier to pull off, but with the right style of shirt, hot pink looks good too.


5. Match your belt with your shoes. I may sound hypocritical as I break this rule all the time, but I think that women’s shoes are more of a statement item. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean that you should complete match the shade. Wearing a belt in the same color family, but with an interesting detail is really cool.


6. Just say no to jorts. Unless you’re a carpenter (or maybe if you’re wearing desert shoes. Seriously, these are fashion miracles).

7. Men can mix patterns! Polka dots and stripes together are not a fashion faux-pas, but a cool look.
Three pieces of advice:
1. If you’re mixing too things, make one piece have a larger print and one piece have a smaller print. Without this, the print will get lost and look busy.
2. Match the main color of one piece with an accent or lesser color in the other piece. This makes the look cohesive without looking matchy-matchy.
3. Another way to join a look together is by using opposite colors on the color wheel. This makes both colors more vibrant because there is a strong contrast.


8. One of my favorite people ever is Bill Cosby and he illustrates this principle. There is nothing cooler than a guy with an interesting sweater.


9. Don’t be afraid to have fun with fashion! Try a new trend, mix some patterns, or even add a pop of color. For me, there’s nothing more stylish than a guy wearing something different with confidence. And a pair of desert shoes doesn’t hurt 🙂



Ladies, what are your fashion rules for guys? Gentlemen, do you agree with my rules?