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Play It Cool, Stay in School: Outfit of the Day

Yesterday was my first day of school. It’s still incredibly hot in Baltimore, so I pulled on my black skort (unfortunately it’s not the awesome Zara one, but one I was handed down a couple of years again) and an interesting printed tee.


I paired it with a denim vest. To stay in the blue and white motif, I added a blue and white pin chained on necklace and a blue and white heart earrings to add as decoration to my collar.


I had an amazing first day! I got free chocolate at the gym, had a really engaging professor, a good meeting at work, and a fun time in lab.


I actually had to make an outfit change as my shoes are not appropriate for a lab setting (cancer cells are not good for your toes).


Shirt: Thrifted

Vest: DKNY, DIY cutoff sleeves

Earrings: H&M

Necklace: Pin – Oma, Chain- Michael’s

Bracelet: New York and Company

Skort: Gifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters



Labels of Love: My Style Evolution

When I was little, I wore some questionable outfits. My aunt says that I wore things with stains and colors that completely clashed. My dad says that I had favorite pieces of clothing and would want to wear them often. Even if they didn’t fit me, I wanted to wear those pieces. A lot of people have favorite shirts or lucky jeans, but I normally remember where I got a piece of clothing and where I’ve worn it.


ribbons on ribbons ribbons

I didn’t really get into fashion until early high school. I was a tomboy growing up and that required jeans and t-shirt mostly. Some french exchange students visited our school and I was in love with the French and their style. I started wearing tailored, neutral colored (and a lot of black) clothing. I had an obsession with scarves. Literally – I’d wear them all year round. When I got my first trenchcoat, I wore it so much that people would be able to find me in a crowd if they saw a brunette with a trenchcoat.


aforementioned scarf and trenchcoat

Later in high school, I discovered the fashion blogging world and started wearing very trendy pieces regardless if they flattered me… (I’m looking at you baby doll dresses and banded bottom shirts). Then, I realized that I was buying pieces because they were trendy instead of because I really liked the pieces.


clogs and velvet dresses

When I got to college, my style was a mix of trendy pieces and classic French-inspired pieces. As the semesters flew by and my classes became more one-sided and math and science-y, I needed an outlet for some right-brain thinking. Fashion was this outlet. I started to love taking pieces and trying to find ways to wear it in unexpected pairings or in unexpected ways. This was incredibly fun and relaxing and my fashion got a little more eclectic.

plaid and moccasins

plaid and moccasins

I started playing around more with fashion and started reading more fashion blogs. I enjoy doing fashion challenges with myself; one week, I wore a monochrome outfit with a different color each day. As I got more into thrifting, I got more interested in refashioning pieces and was more likely to buy more trendy items as they were not as expensive as the pieces in stores. Now, I’m really interested in Asian fashion and have been loving the cartoon prints all over tops and pants in Tokyo.

and sometimes, i sacrifice function over fashion #nobackpackforfirstdayofschool

and sometimes, i sacrifice function over fashion #nobackpackforfirstdayofschool

So, if someone asks me what my style is, I guess I’d say it’s eclectic trendy with french influences with girly details. Does anyone have a word for that? 🙂

How would you describe your style? 


Ways to Wear: Black and White and Read All Over

give me something I can dance to

give me something I can dance to

If you’ve never heard of IFB, you definitely need to check it out! They have amazing tips for any style blogger that are fun and easy-to-read. One of my favorites is the IFB Project, a weekly style challenge for IFB members. I love reading all the different posts and ways people spin the topic. This week’s project is Black and White Ball!


When I thought of ball, I thought of dress codes. Is it a white tie? Black tie? I decided to style four different black & white outfits to attend any of these possible balls.

Look #1: Casual

photo 1 (79)

For me, there’s something great about a crisp white shirt. It’s so easy to pair and I love the sharp look when it’s paired with black jeans. I paired it with a black necklace, a white bracelet, and a clear clutch. Keeping with the black and white trend, I paired my DIY googly eye gladiators to finish the look. I feel like this outfit looks clear, but I don’t really think that can really describe an outfit :).

Shirt: Thrifted

Pants: Cotton On

Shoes: DIY

Clutch: DIY

Necklace: Thrifted

Bracelet: Gifted

Look #2: Beach Formal

photo 2 (66)

I think a beach formal dress code is the hardest thing to follow. I paired a white men’s dress shirt with my LBD. I wore my neutral sandals with this thrifted brown bag. My favorite thing about this bag is that it has a cell phone size a la Zack Morris pocket. My hair is down with a braid crown. This shirt is perfect because it can be tied for a more beachy look or untied for a looser look.

Shirt: Thrifted

Dress: New York and Company

Necklace: Gifted

Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Look #3: Cocktail

photo 5 (43)

This top was made my great grandmother. I love the sequins (if only sewing talent was genetic). I usually wear the skirt as a business skirt for interviews and events, so this outfit is super easy to throw on after work. Even though those shoes are a little high, they’re perfect for dancing as you can see.

Shirt: Gifted

Skirt: H&M

Shoes: White House|Black Market

Look #4: Formal

photo 4 (51)

I love this dress. It’s fun and flirty, but also is really classic. To play up the formal aspect of the outfit, I wrapped a bow tie around my wrist several times as a bracelet. I paired with my green wedges with the black and white detailing and a sequin-y purse. I admit it – I love sequins. Maybe a little too much. Nah.

Dress: Macy’s

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Bow tie: Dad’s

Purse: Thrifted

What’s your favorite look? How do you navigate difficult dress codes?


Also, I’ve been loving taking street art photos this week and I thought they’d be a cool way to combine the many photos I take when doing my outfit posts. Please let me know what you think 🙂

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A Day in the Life: Overall, it was a good day

photo 4 (42)

a cautious driver always looks at the road ahead…


I went into New York City for the day. First, we checked out the New York Public Library. They had a really interesting exhibit on the importance of children’s books. They had a lot of representations of old children’s books and an entire section about banned books.

photo 5 (36)

all banned in the us

We then checked out Strand, a bookstore with over 16 miles of used and new books. They had a great selection and we spent a lot of time checking out the numerous titles.

books on books on books

books on books on books

photo 3 (57)


While returning to Grand Central, we checked out the visitor’s center. I love visitor’s centers more than the average person because I think they’re a great way to find interesting things to do in cities. I really liked that you could write your wishes for 2014 on confetti from the Ball Drop on New Years Eve. I thought that was a really cool idea.

Wishes for 2014

Wishes for 2014

And I wore overalls, my favorite summer trend. I love how comfy they are! I paired it with a grey v-neck. I decided to go “glam” with the accessories and paired it with a black necklace and a black mustache ring. To fit everything and add a pop of color, I used a red clutch.



photo 3 (56)


photo 1 (69)

stache some treats for later

Shirt: Forever 21

Overalls: Thrifted

Necklace: Thrifted

Ring: Thrifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Thrifted



crazy driver

crazy driver bids you readers adieu

How do you wear overalls?

What’s the best museum exhibit you’ve ever been to?  



Outfit of the Day: The Goldilocks Skirt

I have been searching for the perfect chiffon maxi skirt for about a year. I’ve tried on numerous skirts to no avail. I tried on skirts that were too tight and hard to walk in. I tried on skirts that were too loose. I tried on skirts that were too shear. When I tried on this skirt, it felt “just right”. I love the color – even if it’s a little brighter than I usually wear. The length is exactly what I wanted – short enough to wear without heels and long enough to wear with heels! The best part was that it was thrifted. I searched everywhere for it, but found it for $4 at the thrift store! Just goes to show, you can find amazing things at thrift stores!

photo 2 (56)


photo 3 (55)


photo 1 (67)

hi blog readers!!

hi blog readers!!

The top is from Threadless – a company that produces designs on shirts and hoodies of popular user-submitted art. It’s great fitting and the airplane on my shirt is made up of tickets, but the tickets are all jokes. I got it about five years ago, but I still love it.


For jewelry, I decided to layer a bunch of old charm bracelets. I love mixing metals!

Shirt: Threadless (Exact)

Skirt: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Shoes: Payless

Bracelets: Claire’s, Charlotte Russe, and Kohl’s (these are from about 7 years ago though)

Watch: Gifted


Outfit of the Day: An Ode to Sombreros

My brother found this sombrero and tried to give it away. I was in shock of his blatant disregard of the fashion appeal of a sombrero. A sombrero can be worn on your head or down for an ultra awesome look. It shades your head from the sun and makes you the life of the party! 🙂

sombrero how to wear

and it's great badminton wear

and it’s great badminton wear

Dress: Thrifted

Hat: Brother

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Fred Flare

Do you have a favorite type of hat? 


Ways to Wear: Refurbished Floral Dress, Part 2


In Part 1, I talked about four ways to wear a dress that I cut into a bandeau and dress. Here’s part 2!



Look #1 – Bandeau 

photo 5 (8)

photo 2 (19)photo 1 (22)Bandeau: Pac Sun

Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Gap

Shoes: Payless

Necklace: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted

Look #2: Bandeau and Skirt as Separates 

photo 3 (21)

photo 5 (9)

photo 4 (13)

Hairclip: Thrifted

Necklace: Forever 21

Bandeau&Skirt: Pac Sun

Sweater: H&M

Shoes: Payless

Look #3: Skirt 

photo 1 (25)photo 3 (22)

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes

Sunglasses: Tourist Shop

Shirt: H&M dress

Belt: Thrifted

Skirt: Pac Sun Dress

Shoes: Payless

Look #4: Pretending It’s A Dress

photo 3 (23)photo 4 (15) 23232

Hat: DKNY Outlet

Boyfriend Jacket: New York & Company

Bandeau & Skirt: Pac Sun

Bag: Thrifted

Shoes: Payless

numero dou

photo 2 (20)

Which outfit do you like the most?