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The Sunday Edition: Links of August 18, 2013

photo (15)


1. I love this bicycle ride-in espresso bar – so cool!

2. This is an oldie, but a great one – 25 reasons why you should dress up everyday!

3. Gingerbread cookie dough truffles. Count me in.

4. Buzzfeed’s 39 easy ways to decorate your walls is really inspiring.

5. Four words: triple. chocolate. mousse. cakes. Enough said.

6. These photos are portraits of family members without people. Very cool.

7. This latte art is incredible.

8. Another cool card DIY – using just a pin.

9. This is a really interesting photo project of girls and their rooms.

Favorite Song: Boomerang by Lucy Schwartz


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The Sunday Edition: Links of August 4, 2013

photo (13)

1. It’s crazy to see how much parents and their children look alike after looking at these pictures of relatives mashed together.

2. Is it a painting? Or is it a couch? It’s actually both!

3. Finally, cookie dough that is safe to eat. Am I the only one that likes cookie dough more than cookies?

4. And if you’re still hungry, here’s a recipe for black-bottomed coconut bars.

5. “Do her guests keep their hats on? They do in all cosmopolitan places.” Sage advice from a 1924 Vogue.

6. Would you ever get a tattoo to memorialize your travels? Here are 99 other little things travel has taught this writer.

7. I’m obsessed with these DIY marbled glasses!

8. I can’t wait to try these hairstyles out. I love the side twist fishtail one.

9. These abstract interpretations of cities are so interesting. New York is so organized-looking.

Favorite Song: Army of Two by Olly Murs and Elle Me Dit by Mika


The Sunday Edition: Links of July 7, 2013

Welcome to another Sunday Edition! Click on the links below to see all the fun stuff I’ve found this week!
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1. Does your coffee taste match your personality? Apparently, I’m a gossip who wants a long chat or an ex-tea drinker.

2. Have you ever repurposed an item into something completely different? I’m kind of obsessed with the globe turned bowl!

3. One cupcake for every day of the month – today’s is a lemon cupcake with jam filling! Yum.

4. I really want this giant rubber duckie.

5. I seriously want every single one of these dream closets. So awesome.

6. I love, love these macrame bracelets and they don’t look too hard to make!

7. All of these DIY beauty tips look fun and easy.

8. These DIY scratch off cards would make awesome invitations!

9. This cathedral made from 55,000 LED lights is awesome, but the pictures are even better.

Back from the eighties, this is my weekly favorite: Bust It

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The Sunday Edition: Links of June 30, 2013

Welcome back to the Sunday Edition! I hope you enjoy all these links I’ve found. I love sharing links with my friends, so I hope you are interested in these links as well! Now, you can access the links in two ways: click on the link in the text or click on the corresponding picture.

What do you think of these products' packaging? How to make FREE ICE CREAM! What creative advertisements. Powerful Photos on June 26th Sprinkles & Pancakes Hair Bow Hipster Fashion Cycle Sartorialist Cake Postcard Image Map
  1. What do you think of these products’ packaging? I think they’re awesome.
  2. Have you ever wanted ice cream at a restaurant, but didn’t want to pay for the bowl? This awesome instructable will show you how to do it for free!
  3. These ads are so unique. What creative ideas.
  4. These are some powerful photos of outside the US Supreme Court on June 26th after the decision about DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.
  5. Sprinkles on & in pancakes? I’m in.
  6. Finally, a simple way to do a hair bow.
  7. What do you think of the hipster fashion cycle?
  8. Here’s some advice on how to get on the Sartorialist.
  9. Can’t be there for someone’s birthday? Send them cake!

BONUS: It’s so interesting how etiquette is different throughout the world.

Favorite Song of the Week:

Which apparently translates to the “navel of the world”, but I love it…

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The Sunday Edition: Links of June 23, 2013

I always love seeing links that people find every weekend- one of my favorites is Hautelinks by College Fashion.  So, every weekend, I’ll post some of the cool links that I’ve found that week!

I’ll also share my favorite song of the week: