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The Sunday Edition: Links of August 18, 2013

photo (15)


1. I love this bicycle ride-in espresso bar – so cool!

2. This is an oldie, but a great one – 25 reasons why you should dress up everyday!

3. Gingerbread cookie dough truffles. Count me in.

4. Buzzfeed’s 39 easy ways to decorate your walls is really inspiring.

5. Four words: triple. chocolate. mousse. cakes. Enough said.

6. These photos are portraits of family members without people. Very cool.

7. This latte art is incredible.

8. Another cool card DIY – using just a pin.

9. This is a really interesting photo project of girls and their rooms.

Favorite Song: Boomerang by Lucy Schwartz



The Sunday Edition: Links of August 11, 2013

photo (14)


1. Can you solve these 10 of the most difficult logic problems?

2. Did you know that this is a coffee berry. Here are 25 things you never knew about coffee.

3. This random book dispenser is literally so awesome. You’d need to go 112 million times to collect all the books.

4. I love this baby and his selfies.

5. I’m seriously addicted to crepes and here’s a good recipe to make them without being in France.

6. These hats are so cool; I especially like the zipper one.

7. A DIY girly bow tie!

8. These once in a lifetime shots are incredible. I love the kids with the Pepsi and mentos explosion.

9. These are some secrets learned at makeup school.

Song of the Week: Straw Hat by the Ceremonies 

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The Sunday Edition: Links of August 4, 2013

photo (13)

1. It’s crazy to see how much parents and their children look alike after looking at these pictures of relatives mashed together.

2. Is it a painting? Or is it a couch? It’s actually both!

3. Finally, cookie dough that is safe to eat. Am I the only one that likes cookie dough more than cookies?

4. And if you’re still hungry, here’s a recipe for black-bottomed coconut bars.

5. “Do her guests keep their hats on? They do in all cosmopolitan places.” Sage advice from a 1924 Vogue.

6. Would you ever get a tattoo to memorialize your travels? Here are 99 other little things travel has taught this writer.

7. I’m obsessed with these DIY marbled glasses!

8. I can’t wait to try these hairstyles out. I love the side twist fishtail one.

9. These abstract interpretations of cities are so interesting. New York is so organized-looking.

Favorite Song: Army of Two by Olly Murs and Elle Me Dit by Mika

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The Sunday Edition: Links of July 28, 2013

photo (12)1. This DIY leaf bowl is perfect for fall. It looks so cool!

2. I cannot wait to try these red velvet and cheesecake brownies.

3. Hair & Make-up by Steph has some great hair and makeup tutorials. I really like the braided topsy tail.

4. As someone who may be a little obsessed with envelope clutches, this tutorial for a DIY envelope clutch is fun and easy to follow.

5. This logo cost $1,800,000 whereas the Google logo was completely free. A logo is such an important part of a business’s image, so it’s really cool to see how they came up with them.

6. I love the different ways you can use chalkboard paint.

7. This is a flat drip brewing method used in India and Korea, creating an espresso/coffee blend type drink. Here are some other ways of making coffee.

8. This awesome street artist puts fake geodes throughout cities. So amazing!

9. Maybe I like this because I’m a science geek, but this artist does amazing art in petri dishes (normally used for biological experiments). It’s so interesting to see something I use all the time as a tool for artwork.

Favorite Song of the Week: Salty Sweet by MS MR



The Sunday Edition: July 21, 2013

photo (11)

1. These wooden gems look totally real and you could do a lot with them.

2. Although I could totally feel like the embroider knee highs could become a trend, it’s cool to see 15 fashion trends from the past that designers haven’t used.

3. I love my electronics, but this might be taking it a little too far.

4. These resumes are so awesome. I like the envelope one!

5. A mug with a cookie slot – that sounds amazing! These coffee mugs are so fun!

6. Would you have ever guessed that’s chalk? Here are some common things under a microscope!

7. Can you believe this is made of chocolate, sugar, feathers, and cotton? I love this artist’s work.

8. I really want to make this bracelet made out of a fork!

9. Cannolis are good. Cannoli dip is even better.


The Sunday Edition: Links of July 7, 2013

Welcome to another Sunday Edition! Click on the links below to see all the fun stuff I’ve found this week!
photo (6)

1. Does your coffee taste match your personality? Apparently, I’m a gossip who wants a long chat or an ex-tea drinker.

2. Have you ever repurposed an item into something completely different? I’m kind of obsessed with the globe turned bowl!

3. One cupcake for every day of the month – today’s is a lemon cupcake with jam filling! Yum.

4. I really want this giant rubber duckie.

5. I seriously want every single one of these dream closets. So awesome.

6. I love, love these macrame bracelets and they don’t look too hard to make!

7. All of these DIY beauty tips look fun and easy.

8. These DIY scratch off cards would make awesome invitations!

9. This cathedral made from 55,000 LED lights is awesome, but the pictures are even better.

Back from the eighties, this is my weekly favorite: Bust It


Ways to Wear: Refurbished Floral Dress, Part 1

so happy

so happy


awkward photos from freshman year of me wearing the dress

I’ve had this Pac Sun dress for about three years now. When I first got it, it was really cute, but it ended up shrinking in the wash and being an awkward too long to be a shirt/too short to be a dress thing. It cinched at my ribs instead of my waist and I avoided wearing it.

3I absolutely love the pattern, so I decided to refurbish it and make it a bandeau and a skirt. All I did was cut it above between the two elastics. This made it so the skirt part would stay up (and be a skirt).


chop, chop





I tried to make a lot of different outfits wearing the pieces and here is part 1. Hope you enjoy!

Look #1: Skirt 

photo 5 (5)



photo 2 (11)

side profile

photo 3 (13)

photo 4 (11)

Shirt: Espirit

Skirt: Pac Sun

Shoes: Payless

Belt: Thrifted

Bag: Thrifted

Look #2: Bandeau

photo 4 (7)

photo 3 (15)photo 3 (16)photo 2 (13)Shirt: Altar Boyz (off-Broadway Show) Concession Stand

Shorts: DKNY

Shoes: Payless

Bandeau: Pac Sun Dress

Sunglasses: Free from my college

Bag: Gift from Thailand

Look #3: Bandeau as Fake Shirt 

photo 4 (10)

photo 3 (18)

photo 2 (16)

Hairband: H&M

Bandeau: Pac Sun Dress

Sweater: Forever 21

Skirt: Thrifted

Purse: Thrifted

Shoes: Payless

Look #4: Skirt as Shirt 

photo 4 (4)photo 3 (12)

photo 2 (18)

Someone is having way too much fun

Someone is having way too much fun


Necklace: Forever 21

Shirt: Pac Sun Dress

Belt: Thrifted

Shorts: DKNY, cut by me

Shoes: Googly Eye Sandals 

Which outfit was your favorite? Stay tuned for part 2 on Friday…

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