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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Headband Tutorial

If you’ve seen Taylor Swift’s “22” music video, you might have noticed Taylor’s adorable cat ears headband.


I was obsessed and found this tutorial for them from The Sorry Girls. The Sorry Girls are a YouTube channel with awesome DIYs.

I then saw this picture of Selena Gomez:


And I wanted a silhouette devil ears headband! I think this would look amazing with a little black dress for a night out!


Here’s how to do it (I did bear ears for another example of a silhouette):

1. Buy wire – I got mine from Michael’s!


2. Using pliers, trace the outline of a headband.


3. Use a piece of paper to draw the ears/horns and then use pliers to form them with the wire!




4. Attach with super glue! Super easy and super cute!



Designer Kate: Game of Life Clutch

I was inspired by Miley Cyrus’s money dress from this weekend. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel comfortable hot gluing real money to make a clutch, so I used the Game of Life money that somehow ended up in my sewing kit. Don’t ask me how because I literally have no clue.

miley cyrus, miley cyrus money dress, diy, refurbished clothing

eat your heart out, miley cyrus!

It’s super easy to make.

1). Take an old VCR case and rip off the plastic part where they put the cover.

photo 1 (43)2). Hot glue anything on top (Life money, photos, ads, newspapers- something that has an interesting text).

photo 2 (32)photo 1 (41)

3). To seal in the paper, use Mod Podge, acrylic, or some sort of lacquer.

i'm probably going to add a few more coats

i’m probably going to add a few more coats

This made me realize how awesome VCRs are for clutches.

They fit a lot of stuff…

photo 2 (30)

photo 5 (21)

What do you think?

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Designer Kate: Morris Louis Shirts

Courtesy of the Baltimore Museum of Art

Courtesy of the Baltimore Museum of Art

Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art

Courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art

I first saw this artist when I went a curator tour at the Baltimore Museum of Art. She talked about how Morris Louis used unprimed canvas to create his pieces of art. She said that the primer makes the paint stick to the painting. Instead of staying in its place, the paint on an unprimed canvas gets absorbed and spreads out more. She said that the second painting was on unprimed canvas that he folded in half. Since cotton is similar to unprimed canvas, I was inspired by him and made shirts using that technique. 

Basically, all you do is get a white t-shirt. All my shirts had writing on them before, but the paint covered them up and made a complete new addition to my wardrobe. Take fabric paint (I also used fabric spray paint) and flick it, spread it, and pour it on the shirt. I suggest putting a lot of paint on, so that it seeps through both sides. You can also take Morris Louis’s lead and paint it on one side and later fold it. Every shirt is different, but they are so fun to make and very cathartic.

Showing off at a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert

Showing off at a Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert

this is my smile

For this above shirt, I cut the sleeves to make a “bro tank” type shirt, but I think it looks really good as a shirt too.





Outfit of the Day: Here’s Looking at You, Kid

If you read my last Designer Kate post, you might be thinking that the googly eye gladiator sandals are cool, but hard to fit into an everyday wardrobe. This weekend, I played around with these shoes and came up with this outfit.


Since the shoes are rather eye-popping, I decided to go very classic on top. To play with the bright color of the shoes, I paired the green belt. I love the way that the shoes put a quirky twist on this more neutral look.

102 101

closeup on shoes

closeup on shoes

even closer up on shoes

even closer up on shoes





Dress: New York and Company

Shoes: Alloy, DIY googly eyes

Purse: Thrifted

Belt: Thrifted (originally Jones New York)

Sunglasses: H&M


Designer Kate: Do It Yourself Googly Eyes Sandals

I saw these beauties at the Fashion Institute of Technology’s “Shoe Obsession” Exhibit in March. The exhibit was basically heaven for a shoe lover like me and I spent over an hour perusing all the different shoes.

- Courtesy of the Deccan Chronicle

“Déjà Vu” heels- Courtesy of the Deccan Chronicle

I wanted to see if there was a way to remake these shoes. However, I thought it would be quite difficult to find a pair of shoes that would not be curvy like the shoes above. I had a pair of gladiator jellies that I needed repair, so I decided to make them into “Déjà Vu” gladiator sandals. Since they were jelly sandal material, the googly eyes stayed on without a hitch.

I went to Michael’s to search for the eyes. It actually took me a while until my dad pointed out that there was an aisle labeled “eyes”. I bought a 250 pack of the smaller medium sized ones- that was way too many! I only needed around 80 to cover both shoes.

 courtesy of the Good Weekly

Size of the eyes- Courtesy of the Good Weekly

I then took a hot glue gun and the googly eyes and stuck them on. It was super easy and I love how it came out. If you want to put more of a nod to the original Louboutin shoes, I would get red jellies!

photo (82)


photo (84)


Tada! Super easy and really fun.

photo (85)

i’ve got eyes on the top of my feet