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A Day in the Life: Overall, it was a good day

photo 4 (42)

a cautious driver always looks at the road ahead…


I went into New York City for the day. First, we checked out the New York Public Library. They had a really interesting exhibit on the importance of children’s books. They had a lot of representations of old children’s books and an entire section about banned books.

photo 5 (36)

all banned in the us

We then checked out Strand, a bookstore with over 16 miles of used and new books. They had a great selection and we spent a lot of time checking out the numerous titles.

books on books on books

books on books on books

photo 3 (57)


While returning to Grand Central, we checked out the visitor’s center. I love visitor’s centers more than the average person because I think they’re a great way to find interesting things to do in cities. I really liked that you could write your wishes for 2014 on confetti from the Ball Drop on New Years Eve. I thought that was a really cool idea.

Wishes for 2014

Wishes for 2014

And I wore overalls, my favorite summer trend. I love how comfy they are! I paired it with a grey v-neck. I decided to go “glam” with the accessories and paired it with a black necklace and a black mustache ring. To fit everything and add a pop of color, I used a red clutch.



photo 3 (56)


photo 1 (69)

stache some treats for later

Shirt: Forever 21

Overalls: Thrifted

Necklace: Thrifted

Ring: Thrifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Thrifted



crazy driver

crazy driver bids you readers adieu

How do you wear overalls?

What’s the best museum exhibit you’ve ever been to?  




Day in the Life: Farm-to-Table Dinner

photo 1 (61)

I went to a farm-to-table dinner last night. A farm-to-table dinner tries to use the best ingredients by using all locally-found products. The food tastes so fresh and delicious. I’m always impressed by the flavors from farm-to-table dinners and I love trying the new combinations that the chef comes up with to only use local produce.

at the farm

at the farm

photo 5 (31)

sunflowers for miles & miles

photo 3 (52)

watermelon basil juice

watermelon basil juice

pistachio cupcake

pistachio cupcake

banana cupcake

banana cupcake









kale salad

kale salad

beets, squash, cabbage & carrots

beets, squash, cabbage & carrots

For my outfit, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone as I’ve never been super comfortable with bearing my stomach. I’ve also been loving flower crowns so I wanted to make that the focus of the outfit and added pieces that worked with it.

photo 1 (60)

photo 3 (51)

photo 4 (37)


Headband: DIY

Crop Top: Pac Sun Dress

Jacket: Espirit

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Payless


Day in the Life: Promised Land

One of my best friends visited me at my summer internship and we had so much fun. We went thrift shopping, tried a new food, ate chocolate, and explored a city.


evidence of fun – photo creds to anna for any pics of me 

We had a great thrifting day. Can you believe these incredible finds?

i didn't know that much happened in the barn

i didn’t know that much happened in the barn

newfound love of colorado

newfound love of colorado

Just kidding – I did find an amazing red clutch and some awesome military boots. We spent almost two hours there because they had such great stuff. Hungry from our thrifting, we went to Shady Glen, a renowned restaurant in the area. It was interesting because the entire menu was on the wall. The waitress came over and asked us what we wanted and I was so confused because we hadn’t gotten any menus. We tried the “crispy cheese” burger which is a Shady Glen delicacy. It was basically a potato chip (except made out of cheese). I really liked it!


anna also took this one

photo 1 (48)

photo 1 (47) photo 2 (36)

We then got some chocolates at a local chocolate shop and explored the Wesleyan campus. It was so gorgeous.

chocolate shoes...

chocolate shoes…


photo 4 (29) photo 5 (24)

photo 5 (25)

It was super hot, so I didn’t want to wear anything too heavy or dark. I also wanted something easy to throw on and off for thrifting. One of my other best friends made this great duplicate of a Forever 21 shirt.

photo 2 (38) photo 3 (43) photo 1 (49)


photo 2 (33)

Earrings: Thrifted

Shirt: Gifted from a DIY by Melissa G. (she’s so talented!)

Shorts: DKNY

Shoes: Payless

Bag: Blue Q


A Day in the Life: She Wore a Purple Polka Dot Dress that She Wore for the First Time Today

I recently got this dress for $3.50 at Goodwill. I absolutely love it, so I decided to surround an entire outfit for it as I went for a walk on a bike trail by the place I’m staying this summer! I love the colors and the drop waist. I think it’s really feminine, but also unique.

Courtesy of ASOS

Courtesy of ASOS

This walk was full of random adventures and great finds. I played around with ways to take pictures of myself, so I can do more outfit of the days. This actually ended up being a little awkward when a biker saw me, laughed, and screamed “taking selfies, eh?”, but the walk was fun nonetheless.

I found a lot of cool street art along the way –



I saw some beautiful flowers and trees-



I asked a flower whether he loves me or he loves me not –


He loves me! I wonder who he is...

He loves me! I wonder who he is…

I even saw a rainbow! 


For my outfit, I wanted to contrast the girly-ness of the dress with some grey oxfords. I wore my fun bead and bird necklace to play off the lavender color of the dress.




wow somebody thinks she’s a model haha


close up on shoes

close up on shoes

closeup on necklace

close up on necklace

Since I was going adventuring, I needed a headband, but didn’t have one. I toke a necklace, turned it upside down so that the glossy part was on my hair, and clasped it shut. This works well with a necklace where the length is very adjustable.

glossy side (normally shown while wearing necklace)

glossy side (normally shown while wearing necklace)

non-glossy side

non-glossy side

very adjustable length chain

very adjustable length chain

on head

on head

Dress: Goodwill (originally ASOS)

Necklace: Gifted

Shoes: Payless

Bag: Gifted

Sweater: Forever 21

Necklace/Headband: Thrifted


Thanks for reading!


A Day in the Life: Street Festival

This weekend, I went to a festival in my hometown. It’s not too big, but I’ve been going since I was really little and I really enjoyed the fair. I even got free bubbles!

photo (88)

There were a lot of great vendors. This one vendor sold glass-blown earrings. He was so passionate about his work and it was so cool to hear about the techniques he used.

so cool!

so cool!

One of the highlights each year is the Chili Cookoff. People from the surrounding area bring their mom’s recipe and you get to vote on your favorite. 

photo (97)

photo (94)

For my outfit, I wanted to jazz up the dress I was wearing. I liked the white color and the sparkles. However, the shrug looked a little formal forward. I switched it around and I really liked the way it looked.

fascinated by bubbles

fascinated by bubbles

closeup on back

closeup on back


blowing bubbles

photo (90)

Bag- Gift from Thailand

Shrug- Ann Taylor Loft

Dress- H&M

Necklace- Thrifted

Belt- Thrifted

Shoes- Payless

Here are some close-ups:

photo (100)

photo (98)



photo (99)