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Versatile Blogger Award


I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Thrifting Couture. A fellow engineer, she has great posts about thrifting and how she styles her pieces. I’m very jealous of her finds! Thank you, TC! 🙂 For this tag, I list seven random things about myself and tag fifteen other bloggers.

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1. I love food. There is actually only one food that I really detest – carrot soup with milk. My favorite food – that’s hard to decide.

2. My new food find is a melon pan. It’s a Japanese pastry that is basically a cross between a brioche and a cookie. It’s so delicious.


3. On that vein, I especially love spicy food. My dad called me asbestos mouth as a kid.

4. I have really weird, but very real-feeling dreams. When I was little, I had a dream that I met Mary Kate and Ashley and was so convinced that it actually happened. I told my friend while my mom was in the room and my mom was so confused since it actually didn’t happen.

5. I feel really at home in coffee shops. I love the people, the smells, and the coffee and pastries, of course. One of my favorite things to try in a new city/town is to try out the coffee shops.

6. I’m listening to music almost constantly. I listen to music when doing homework (except when I’m reading – that gets confusing), when I’m at work doing things independently, when I’m in lab, when I’m walking, and when I’m running.

7. I love finding music. I’ve found that Songza playlists give me the best suggestions!

Whew, that was difficult!

Now, for the fun part, here are my nominees:

1. Emily of The Frugalous Life – She has great posts about getting great pieces that are affordable too.

2. Jasmine of The Art of Imperfection– I’m obsessed with her outfits.

3. Whitney of Polish & Pipsqueaks– She has a great style and definitely has fun in her photo shoots.

4. Jessica of Desert Days– Her photos are so cool!

5. Alex of bodishblog– Her DIYs are amazing and I love her writing style.

6. Alice of scandalice – I love her style.

7. Belle of Visual̩poqueРAmazing style, amazing photography.

8. Emma of The Ginger Rules– She is awesome and loves sequins as I do!

9. Melanie of Lace & Combat Boots– She gives great style advice and has a really fun style.

10. Kate of What Kate Did Next– She has the best name ever and has great beauty tips.

11. Tara Jeanne of three wishes style– I’m love her style and she has a great mix of thrifted and non-thrifted pieces.

12. Mckenzie of Why Buy it? DIY it. – Her DIYs are so awesome that they look like you could buy them in stores.

13. Spaceandshoes– She’s not afraid to wear bold prints and colors and has interesting outfits.

14. Ellie of today i will mostly be– She can mix casual and dressier clothes together with such ease.

15. Fiona of The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets– I love all her outfits.

Author: Kate T.

My day job is chief chocolate consumer at Godiva.

7 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination Kate!!

  2. Thanks for the nomination Kate. It’s awsome to support fellow bloggers 😉


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  4. Love it! thanks kate, xoxo

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