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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Headband Tutorial

If you’ve seen Taylor Swift’s “22” music video, you might have noticed Taylor’s adorable cat ears headband.


I was obsessed and found this tutorial for them from The Sorry Girls. The Sorry Girls are a YouTube channel with awesome DIYs.

I then saw this picture of Selena Gomez:


And I wanted a silhouette devil ears headband! I think this would look amazing with a little black dress for a night out!


Here’s how to do it (I did bear ears for another example of a silhouette):

1. Buy wire – I got mine from Michael’s!


2. Using pliers, trace the outline of a headband.


3. Use a piece of paper to draw the ears/horns and then use pliers to form them with the wire!




4. Attach with super glue! Super easy and super cute!



Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Thrifting Couture. A fellow engineer, she has great posts about thrifting and how she styles her pieces. I’m very jealous of her finds! Thank you, TC! 🙂 For this tag, I list seven random things about myself and tag fifteen other bloggers.

images (2)

1. I love food. There is actually only one food that I really detest – carrot soup with milk. My favorite food – that’s hard to decide.

2. My new food find is a melon pan. It’s a Japanese pastry that is basically a cross between a brioche and a cookie. It’s so delicious.


3. On that vein, I especially love spicy food. My dad called me asbestos mouth as a kid.

4. I have really weird, but very real-feeling dreams. When I was little, I had a dream that I met Mary Kate and Ashley and was so convinced that it actually happened. I told my friend while my mom was in the room and my mom was so confused since it actually didn’t happen.

5. I feel really at home in coffee shops. I love the people, the smells, and the coffee and pastries, of course. One of my favorite things to try in a new city/town is to try out the coffee shops.

6. I’m listening to music almost constantly. I listen to music when doing homework (except when I’m reading – that gets confusing), when I’m at work doing things independently, when I’m in lab, when I’m walking, and when I’m running.

7. I love finding music. I’ve found that Songza playlists give me the best suggestions!

Whew, that was difficult!

Now, for the fun part, here are my nominees:

1. Emily of The Frugalous Life – She has great posts about getting great pieces that are affordable too.

2. Jasmine of The Art of Imperfection– I’m obsessed with her outfits.

3. Whitney of Polish & Pipsqueaks– She has a great style and definitely has fun in her photo shoots.

4. Jessica of Desert Days– Her photos are so cool!

5. Alex of bodishblog– Her DIYs are amazing and I love her writing style.

6. Alice of scandalice – I love her style.

7. Belle of VisualĂ©poque– Amazing style, amazing photography.

8. Emma of The Ginger Rules– She is awesome and loves sequins as I do!

9. Melanie of Lace & Combat Boots– She gives great style advice and has a really fun style.

10. Kate of What Kate Did Next– She has the best name ever and has great beauty tips.

11. Tara Jeanne of three wishes style– I’m love her style and she has a great mix of thrifted and non-thrifted pieces.

12. Mckenzie of Why Buy it? DIY it. – Her DIYs are so awesome that they look like you could buy them in stores.

13. Spaceandshoes– She’s not afraid to wear bold prints and colors and has interesting outfits.

14. Ellie of today i will mostly be– She can mix casual and dressier clothes together with such ease.

15. Fiona of The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets– I love all her outfits.

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Play It Cool, Stay in School: Outfit of the Day

Yesterday was my first day of school. It’s still incredibly hot in Baltimore, so I pulled on my black skort (unfortunately it’s not the awesome Zara one, but one I was handed down a couple of years again) and an interesting printed tee.


I paired it with a denim vest. To stay in the blue and white motif, I added a blue and white pin chained on necklace and a blue and white heart earrings to add as decoration to my collar.


I had an amazing first day! I got free chocolate at the gym, had a really engaging professor, a good meeting at work, and a fun time in lab.


I actually had to make an outfit change as my shoes are not appropriate for a lab setting (cancer cells are not good for your toes).


Shirt: Thrifted

Vest: DKNY, DIY cutoff sleeves

Earrings: H&M

Necklace: Pin – Oma, Chain- Michael’s

Bracelet: New York and Company

Skort: Gifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters


Labels of Love: My Style Evolution

When I was little, I wore some questionable outfits. My aunt says that I wore things with stains and colors that completely clashed. My dad says that I had favorite pieces of clothing and would want to wear them often. Even if they didn’t fit me, I wanted to wear those pieces. A lot of people have favorite shirts or lucky jeans, but I normally remember where I got a piece of clothing and where I’ve worn it.


ribbons on ribbons ribbons

I didn’t really get into fashion until early high school. I was a tomboy growing up and that required jeans and t-shirt mostly. Some french exchange students visited our school and I was in love with the French and their style. I started wearing tailored, neutral colored (and a lot of black) clothing. I had an obsession with scarves. Literally – I’d wear them all year round. When I got my first trenchcoat, I wore it so much that people would be able to find me in a crowd if they saw a brunette with a trenchcoat.


aforementioned scarf and trenchcoat

Later in high school, I discovered the fashion blogging world and started wearing very trendy pieces regardless if they flattered me… (I’m looking at you baby doll dresses and banded bottom shirts). Then, I realized that I was buying pieces because they were trendy instead of because I really liked the pieces.


clogs and velvet dresses

When I got to college, my style was a mix of trendy pieces and classic French-inspired pieces. As the semesters flew by and my classes became more one-sided and math and science-y, I needed an outlet for some right-brain thinking. Fashion was this outlet. I started to love taking pieces and trying to find ways to wear it in unexpected pairings or in unexpected ways. This was incredibly fun and relaxing and my fashion got a little more eclectic.

plaid and moccasins

plaid and moccasins

I started playing around more with fashion and started reading more fashion blogs. I enjoy doing fashion challenges with myself; one week, I wore a monochrome outfit with a different color each day. As I got more into thrifting, I got more interested in refashioning pieces and was more likely to buy more trendy items as they were not as expensive as the pieces in stores. Now, I’m really interested in Asian fashion and have been loving the cartoon prints all over tops and pants in Tokyo.

and sometimes, i sacrifice function over fashion #nobackpackforfirstdayofschool

and sometimes, i sacrifice function over fashion #nobackpackforfirstdayofschool

So, if someone asks me what my style is, I guess I’d say it’s eclectic trendy with french influences with girly details. Does anyone have a word for that? 🙂

How would you describe your style?