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A Day in the Life: Overall, it was a good day

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photo 4 (42)

a cautious driver always looks at the road ahead…


I went into New York City for the day. First, we checked out the New York Public Library. They had a really interesting exhibit on the importance of children’s books. They had a lot of representations of old children’s books and an entire section about banned books.

photo 5 (36)

all banned in the us

We then checked out Strand, a bookstore with over 16 miles of used and new books. They had a great selection and we spent a lot of time checking out the numerous titles.

books on books on books

books on books on books

photo 3 (57)


While returning to Grand Central, we checked out the visitor’s center. I love visitor’s centers more than the average person because I think they’re a great way to find interesting things to do in cities. I really liked that you could write your wishes for 2014 on confetti from the Ball Drop on New Years Eve. I thought that was a really cool idea.

Wishes for 2014

Wishes for 2014

And I wore overalls, my favorite summer trend. I love how comfy they are! I paired it with a grey v-neck. I decided to go “glam” with the accessories and paired it with a black necklace and a black mustache ring. To fit everything and add a pop of color, I used a red clutch.



photo 3 (56)


photo 1 (69)

stache some treats for later

Shirt: Forever 21

Overalls: Thrifted

Necklace: Thrifted

Ring: Thrifted

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Thrifted



crazy driver

crazy driver bids you readers adieu

How do you wear overalls?

What’s the best museum exhibit you’ve ever been to?  



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