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The Sunday Edition: Links of July 7, 2013


Welcome to another Sunday Edition! Click on the links below to see all the fun stuff I’ve found this week!
photo (6)

1. Does your coffee taste match your personality? Apparently, I’m a gossip who wants a long chat or an ex-tea drinker.

2. Have you ever repurposed an item into something completely different? I’m kind of obsessed with the globe turned bowl!

3. One cupcake for every day of the month – today’s is a lemon cupcake with jam filling! Yum.

4. I really want this giant rubber duckie.

5. I seriously want every single one of these dream closets. So awesome.

6. I love, love these macrame bracelets and they don’t look too hard to make!

7. All of these DIY beauty tips look fun and easy.

8. These DIY scratch off cards would make awesome invitations!

9. This cathedral made from 55,000 LED lights is awesome, but the pictures are even better.

Back from the eighties, this is my weekly favorite: Bust It


Author: Kate T.

My day job is chief chocolate consumer at Godiva.

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Edition: Links of July 7, 2013

  1. Haha I’m definitely ‘the gossip’ for coffee drinker. Also, I heard the rubber ducky deflated 😦

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