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10 Things You Now Know About Me

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1. I love chocolate. It might be a problem.

in kinder bueno euphoria

2. I was the lead singer in a rock band.  For a week.

3. My dream job is to be Ellen Degeneres. She trolls celebrities, gives them presents, and then makes 10 year-old tutu aficionados’ dreams come true.

4. My favorite book is Infinite Jest. 

5. When I was in first grade, I wore the same hat everyday for the entire year. I was known as the girl with the hat.

aforementioned hat.

aforementioned hat.

6. I love learning new languages.

7. My best friend and I were inspired by The Princess Diaries and tried to make the balloon art that Mia and her mother did in the movie.

485506_10152800780095486_630650845_n8. When I was in second grade, I wanted to be a pasta maker although I am by far the worst chef in my entire family.

9.  My favorite color in general is yellow, my favorite color for accessories is mint, and my favorite color to wear is blue.







10. I grew up in a rural town, but I’m definitely a city girl at heart. I’m a huge lover of public transportation.

i'm on a bus and it's going fast and i've got a dress on

i’m on a bus and it’s going fast and i’ve got a dress on


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My day job is chief chocolate consumer at Godiva.

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